What happens when you lose your connection to the Internet? It’s not fun. And often, that key project you have to get finished...well, it’s suddenly not easy to finish.

That’s why we have Edge Routers with Backup Internet, to solve one of the most important connectivity problems you face today: keeping your Internet up and running even if your primary Internet connection goes down, so you can get that job done. And we all know this happens a lot, especially if your business is relying on a local cable company for Internet.

Fully Integrated 4G LTE keeps your Internet going With fully integrated 4G LTE combined with out of the box ready carrier service, the edge routers enables us to deliver always connected Internet to you. That means that when your ISP is offline, you aren’t. The Edge Routers offer two types of LTE service: Full Internet failover to keep your office online during an Internet outage.

High Performance Routing Solving the always connected Internet problem is big. But we’re not satisfied with just that. The Edge Router delivers high performance routing capabilities including robust VPN features, Layer 7 deep packet inspection enabling the ability to categorize traffic by application, NATing rules, traffic shaping and more. And with the horsepower to enable throughput speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps.

  • Failover Bundled 4G LTE Service
  • No Carrier Contract Required
  • No Charges for Overages
  • WAN Failover